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The MCFI team is committed to wage jehad against the ‘traders of hate’ whose agenda is to create hatred among humans, promote intolerance and work to vanish mutual respect. With the support of people from all walks of life including intellectuals, writers, teachers, parliamentarians, traders, and laborers, we have dedicated our lives to strengthen peace, love, harmony, mutual respect and tolerance for others. Irrespective of its outcome or dire consequences, the MCFI founder said, “We want to develop such an environment of peace and love that no one could courage to create hatred among the people”.


Mr. Qazi Abdul Qadeer Khamosh


Born in 1960 at Gujrat district of Pakistan, Mr. Qazi Abdul Qadeer Khamosh is founding Chairman of the Muslim Christian Federation International (MCFI). Once a student leader, Qazi has been Secretary General ‘Jamiat Talaba Ahle Hadith’ and founding Secretary General of ‘Ahle Hadith Youth Force’. Mr. Khamosh had worked under the leadership of Shaheed Allama Ehsan Elahi Zaheer. He has also the honor of enjoying close affiliation with Imam, Khateeb, and administrator of Masjid Al-Aqsa (Jerusalam), Al-Sayad Asaad Bayuz Al-Tamimi. Having Masters degrees in Islamiyat and Arabic respectively from Ulema Academy Lahore and Jamia Islamia Gujranwala, Qazi Abdul Qadeer Khamosh is also President of ‘Jamiat Ulema Ahle Hadith Pakistan’, a religio-political party with well-bonded organizational network and millions of members within and out of Pakistan. The Jamiat has also a network of hundreds of Madaris (religious schools) and mosques wherein the students are imparted Islamic education with main focus on respect to humanity beyond prejudices of sectarianism and extremism. Mr. Qazi Abdul Qadeer Khamosh is also Chairman ‘Islami Yekjehti Council Pakistan’, an alliance of Muslim parties of different schools of thought to fight against sectarianism and promote intra-faith harmony and mutual understanding. Mr. Khamosh is also Deputy Secretary General Alliance for Restoration of Democracy (ARD), a PPP-led 16-party coalition formed against the dictatorial rule of General Pervez Musharraf. Mr. Qazi Abdul Qadeer Khamosh also served as member Coordination and Follow up Committee of Baghdad Conference under the chairmanship of the deposed Iraqi Deputy Prime Mininster, Tariq Aziz. This was a forum set up to serve the humanity above prejudices of Religion, Language, and Region. Mr. Khamosh has read out research papers at different conferences on ‘Inter-faith Dialogue’ and ‘Peace’ held in USA, France, Jordan, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Iraq, Nepal and Pakistan.
Mr. Qazi Abdul Qadeer Khamosh is Executive Editor of “VOICE OF PEACE”, the first ever English magazine being published on interfaith harmony activities from Lahore, Pakistan. He is also author of several Urdu books including “عرب ورلڈ آرڈر اور صدام حسین” (Arab World Order and Saddam Hussain),  ‘Islam aur Masihiat’ (Islam and Christianity: Common points for human service), and ‘Allama Ehsan Elahi Zaheer’: a renowned political leader.

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Mr. Bishop Samuel Robert Azariah

Senior Vice Chairman

Rt. Rev Samuel Robert Azariah has served as the second Bishop of Raiwind from June 1987 to 2020. He was consecrated and enthroned on the 19th of July 1987. He is also rendering services in the fields of education, health and social sectors for humanity without their affiliation of faith. The Central Diocesan Office bases at Waris Road, Lahore. The Diocese stretches out from Waris Road, almost 65 miles South of Lahore. The Bishop played a pivotal role in the launching of the MCFI to bring the Muslims and the Christian communities closer. He shares celebrations of the Muslims and each year hosts an Iftar dinner in the honour of the Muslim leaders in the month of Ramazan. An orator, Bishop Azariah is very much clear in his thoughts about the struggle for interfaith harmony and dialogue. For several times, he visited mosques and Muslim religious schools as good will gesture. Former Bishop of Raiwind Dioceses Samuel Robert Azariah was the first prominent religious figure who appreciated the formation of the interfaith association and committed for cooperation. He is also Moderator Church of Pakistan. For comments/queries/suggestions.

Peer Yaseen Shah

Vice Chairman

Peer Yaseen Shah is a prominent spiritual figure of the province of Sindh. He belongs to a noble family who follows Qura’an and Sunnah, in letter and spirit. His father, Syed Muhibullah Shah played an active role in eliminating religious-hatred from the plural society of Pakistan. Syed Muhibullah Shah had very close relations with Pakistan Movement leader Makhdoom Talibul Maula, also a founder leader of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto-led Pakistan People’s Party (PPP). The both leaders struggled to end illiteracy and autocracy from their area and protected rights of the oppressed agriculture workers

Mr. Joseph Francis

Secretary General

Born in 1945, Joseph Francis is a dynamic peace and human rights activist. He heads Centre of Legal Assistance and Aid (CLAAS), with its main office in Lahore. He is also political leader and heads Pakistan National Christian Party, also an ARD component. The Alliance for Restoration of Democracy, a coalition of 16-opposition parties formed under the leadership of veteran politician late Nawabzada Nasrullah Khan against the dictatorial rule of General Pervez Musharraf for the demand of restoration of democracy and the Constitution in Pakistan. Mr. Joseph Francis is founding member of the MCFI. He developed a common ground friendship with Qazi Abdul Qadeer Khamosh at the platform of ARD. They discussed the idea of formation of a platform to bring the two faiths closer and bridging the gap and MCFI was outcome of these discussions.

Mr. Maulana Sardar Muhammad Khan Leghari

Joint Secretary

Mr. Maulana Sardar Muhammad Khan Leghari is an eminent religious scholar of Ahle Sunnat Brelvi school of thought. Based in Dera Ghazi Khan, he is a religio-political leader and has portfolio of Central Deputy Secretary Generl of Jamiat Ulema-e-Pakistan (Imam Noorani) with Peer Ijaz Hashmi as its Central President. A close associate of both late Maulana Shah Ahmad Noorani and Molana Abdul Sattar Khan Niazi, Mr. Maulana Sardar Muhammad Khan Leghari is also an active member of five religio-political parties alliance of Muttahida Majlas-e-Amal (MMA). He is also member of Mutahidda Ulema Board Punjab, a government body for redressal and banning of hate material from books, pamphlets and electronic devices. 

Mr. Abdul Qadir Shaheen

Chief Organiser

Abdul Qadir Shaheen is an active member of PPP and motivational personality for the workers. He had been a close associate of the then Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, and later during her self-exile during Nawaz Sharif and General Pervaiz Musharraf regimes. Abdul Qadir Shaheen is an active ambassador of the interfaith dialogue. He emphasizes peace and coexistence wherever he is. Abdul Qadir Shaheen was a key person in initiating interfaith dialogue in Europe, Australia, USA, UK and central Asian states. He influenced and trained religious scholars, intellectuals, social activists who are now active in interfaith dialogue missions across the world. Neither money, nor coercive actions can change his loyalties.

Haji Abdul Mannan

Finance Secretary

Haji Abdul Mannan is a renowned business personality of Lahore. His family elders played an active role in the Pakistan Movement. After the creation of Pakistan on 14th of August, 1947, his elders migrated from Amritsar (India) to Lahore. Abdul Manan promoted honesty, piety and intellectualism in the business community.


Mr. Umer Farooq Quddusi

Information Secretary & Editor Voice Of Peace

He is author of dozens of books and a publisher by profession in Lahore. He is also Chief Editor, monthly ‘VOICE OF PEACE’.
He is numbered among those young people, who can play a key role in the development of the nation.

He is an inspiring personality for his juniors. Indeed, he is a man of principles.

Sheikh Azmat Nadeem

Additonal Secretary General

Sheikh Azmat Nadeem is an America-based trader, who is indeed a ray of hope and beacon of light in the society. He is a role model for traders.


Nazir Ali Bhatti

Media Advisor

Nazir Ali Bhatti is a renowned journalist from Lahore. An MSc. Mass Communication with the distinction of GOLD MEDAL, Nazir Ali Bhatti has experience in Print, Electronic, and Digital media. He joined the media industry on December 17, 1999 as Staff Reporter of English language daily ‘The Nation’, Lahore under the editorship of Arif Nizami. Nazir Bhatti has also worked as pioneer team member of the news channels AAJ NEWS and WAQT NEWS. Since January 2011, he has been working as Senior Reporter of the ARY NEWS, Lahore. Along with honesty and objectivity, he is also a good writer of interfaith dialogue. He is also an editorial member of MCFI’s interfaith magazine ‘VOICE OF PEACE’.

Ameer Muavia Dar

Coordinator Madressah Affairs

Ameer Muavia Dar is a popular young leader amongst Americans. Some opportunist politicians are afraid of his sincere social and political activities. He always supports the oppressed and encourages workers to stand for their rights. Ameer Muavia Dar is owner of a used-cars show room in Balti More. He is honored in business circles.


Hafiz Abdul Basit

Hafiz Abdul Basit is coordinator of the Salfi Madressahs.



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