Muslim Christian Federation International



To make interfaith harmony efforts a success, the MCFI organized ‘Workshops of Administrators and Senior Teachers’ of religious schools (madressahs). In these workshops, the religious leaders from all Islamic schools of thought participated and discussed Madressah role in society and need to express tolerance towards other faiths.
As a step forward, for giving an atmosphere of mutual understanding, we also managed ‘Joint Workshops of Muslim religious scholars and the Christian Pastors’ in differant parts of Pakistan. The reports of the projects have been given in Special Reports.

This was result of our Madressah Reforms project that five-times ruler Pakistan People’s Party of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto included madressah reforms in its manifesto of 2013.
The MCFI emphasized that in curriculum, the heroes should not be glorified in term of his/her religion but only as Pakistani national on the basis of his/her services for community and the homeland.
We believe that there should be no discrimination in educational institutes on awards and marks. All the students be treated on equal grounds as Pakistanis. For this purpose, we suggested that 20 marks should also be given to minority students who memorize certain selected part of the Bible for Christians, Garanth for Sikh students and the same for Hindu and other communities on the pattern Hafiz-e-Qura’an is awarded on memorizing the Qura’an by heart.
On our suggestion, the Ministry of Religious Affairs and the Ministry of Education got implemented co-curriculum activities of games for religious students in schools being run by five Madressah Boards (Wafaqul Madaris) of Ahle Hadis, Deobandi, Brelvi, Shia schools of thought and the Jamaat e Islami. Now games are held in almost all madressahs and even matches held for healthy activities.
The MCFI also held workshops for female teachers of the Madressah. Over all more than ten thousand teachers participated these workshops of which results are evident that there is a visible lessening of riots based on interfaith conflicts in Pakistan.